Solving the labor shortage with unemployed and underemployed citizens just makes sense

The CornMaze Effect

Powering Movement from Sustained to Self-Sustained

Our program is designed to provide a supported path to anyone in need who displays a dedication to improving their own destiny.  

Our Case Managers work with individuals to develop a program that includes the coordination of needed wrap around services provided by local service enterprises, coaching, career planning, soft and hard skill training, job placement and on-going navigation support.  It is a one year paid intensive program followed by a second year of monitoring and follow up.  

It works because it addresses the individuals barriers and replaces them with opportunities for success.

The short term investment produces self-sustaining citizens ready, willing and able to solve our US labor shortage.

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If you have a skill or an interest, we can find a spot for you. 

Case Managers, administration, bookkeeping, board members, schedulers, researchers, and so much more.  

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