About Us

Powering Movement

We are a nonprofit organization focused on strategies that power movement to create positive change.  

Today's challenges are complex and require complex solutions.  

We are focused on strategies that create long term impact using short term, intensive programs that leave the world we impact stronger, safer, better for the future. 

Cornmaze represents disadvantaged communities that have housed generations.

CornMaze Effect

Imagine being born in the middle of a CornMaze.  For generations, you and your family have only ever seen tall, corn stalks all around you.  Inside the CornMaze, you have your own culture, rules, language, and expectations.

Would you know how to get out?  If you got out, would you  know how to behave? What was expected, how to communicate, how to succeed?  

Without a path or guidance, survival instincts kick in and likely you find yourself back in the CornMaze.  Each time, you get deeper and deeper into the Maze and your chances of surviving become minimal and eventually you give up hope - for yourself and your family.  

Labor ready workforce solutions

Labor Ready

Today's labor market is getting tighter and tighter.  Needs are rising and resources are limited.  Investments are being made in short term, temporary solutions, rather than long term, sustainable approaches. 

Labor ready provides well rounded, low and semi-skilled labor trained in soft skills and trade skills to prepare them to be valued employees in various industries including construction, manufacturing, biosciences, health and beauty, logistics, warehousing and office administration.