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For real change to happen, shifts in the way we think, the way we work, 

and the way we distribute funds is required. 

I can't do this alone! Help me by introducing me to thought leaders in business, local, state and national politics, funding and social enterprises.  

Complex solutions are required to address complex problems but nothing is impossible - 

we just have to start! 

Policy Matters

Knowledge is Power

No matter your age, understanding laws and policies being fought for on behalf of your community, state or nation is important to ensure the specific needs of you and your family are met.

You Have a Voice

Voting is the number 1 way to ensure your specific needs are met.  But refer to 1 because if you are not knowledgeable, you may be voting against what impacts you.  Never assume based on party, marketing, past performance or promises.  This is where "What have you done for me lately?" actually applies. 

Speak Up

Write your opinion.  Send it to your policy makers, post it on social media or write to your local news.  Make sure you stick to the facts (emotions have no place in policy), be clear, prepare examples, and stay strong.  If you choose a public space, remember you will receive disagreeing replies so choose your method wisely.   

Don't be Gullible

In life, agendas are hard to avoid.  Listen, research and validate before you act!  Understanding the underlying benefits to the policy creator is important to understanding the true validity and impact.  "What's in it for them?"

Get Involved

Volunteering is a great way to learn and understand the true reality of policy.  It is easy to assume and make judgement but until you have walked in someone's shoes, you do not really know.

Truth is Always in the Middle

Read between the lines!  There are many versions of every story.  To get closest to the truth, explore the middle.